Rich and Kristi Todd are West Coast transplants and have been serving with their three daughters - Elli, Emma and Baylee - in St. Petersburg, Russia since February 2014.

Before moving to Russia, Rich served as a pastor of Student Ministries for thirteen years - ten of which were at a church in the Bay Area, CA. Kristi worked as a teacher for Dyslexics during her later years in the Bay, but spent most of her years working in the home. 


St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia, and also holds claim as the cultural capital. Home to more than five million people, St. Petersburg is the most Westernized city in Russia. Main attractions range from art museums, to foreign consulates, to historic centers, to theaters. In post-Communist Eastern Europe, years of conflict, financial burdens, and a spiritual vacuum have left many people unwilling to trust others. Today, many are sensing a freedom they have never before experienced due to the Good News of Jesus. Ministry in a post-Christian society looks very different than ministry in a culture with a receptive posture towards religion and faith.

The Envision Eastern Europe team spends a lot of their time building friendships and trust with the locals through relational outreach and meeting felt needs like teaching English and youth programs. 


Church Partnership
University Student Outreach
Teaching English
Camp Ministry

Trip Cost: $925/person for a 10-day trip

Intern Cost: $1250 per month

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