This just might be the most important thing you do.

Spending time preparing as a group not only creates opportunities to bond as a team, but also gives you the time, vocabulary and context to help you frame your experience, even before you go! The best tool we have for you is our Prep & Training manual. This manual includes resources like:

  • Overview of Envision
  • Sample Team Covenants
  • Cross Cultural Training
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Sample Support Letters
  • Packing List
  • Training ideas for your team
  • (And more)

Recommended Additional Tools:

  • TeamSend: This is an organization we partner with to support our teams with fundraising and communication. Similar to Indiegogo and and Kickstarter, it's a tool that allows you to share your fundraising goals online easily with your church and community, and also makes communication easy before, during, and after your trip with supporters.
  • ACE Travel App: This tool comes to us through our insurance provider, Brotherhood Mutual. Set up an account for your trip using our policy number and your travel dates and destination, and get updates and important travel information delivered to your inbox!