Internships are for individuals or couples interested in serving anywhere from 1-2 years at one of our Envision sites.
Individuals must be 18 or older to apply. 


Envision Residencies are particularly designed for individuals or couples with a desire to serve long-term in ministry. This experience is an opportunity to "test out" a lifestyle of ministry at one of our Envision sites, learning from and being coached by our site leadership. 

Our DNA that you will experience as you serve with us is as follows:

  • Real ministry: Participation in strategic kingdom changing work, not meaningless tasks
  • Discipleship: Personal investment and mentoring by Site Coordinators and Associates
  • Hospitality:  Warmly welcomed and well taken-care-of in a wide variety of ways
  • Partnership:  Meaningful interactions with long-term workers,  locals and the national church