• Length: 2 years
  • Launch Time: Fall or Spring
  • Purpose: be immersed in culture/ministry/team life, strongly consider long-term, leadership role 


  • Age/Life Stage: 21+, live "on your own", singles, couples, families, retirees, available for major life transition
  • Education: college degree, or similar life experience, missions and Biblical training
  • Walk with Christ: mature relationship, potentially called to missions, able to lead and disciple
  • Prior cross-cultural experience: required to have previous successful experiences in cross-cultural ministry
  • Other prerequisites: proven ministry and leadership experience in church, on campus or work
  • Marital Status:  Single; married for over 1 year; with children at least 1 year old


  • Preparation: CO long weekend training (July or October), Perspectives course, funding coach, language learning, psych evaluation, cultural/missions materials, gifts and personality tests
  • Length of typical prep-time: 9 months to 1 year (from application to departure)
  • Fundraising: ALL outgoing and first 3 months funds received 1 month before departure, 100% monthly pledges committed by recurring donors (who will give monthly for 2 years)
  • Budget: determine unique monthly budget based on family size, housing, car, loans, taxes etc.


  • Typical role: involved in daily ministry, mentor/lead teams and interns, invest in long term work
  • Cultural Immersion: fully immersed in local culture, friendships, language and ministry
  • Language learning: 5-7 hours class/study per week
  • Staff make-up: residents comes as individuals/couples and join existing staff team
  • Housing: rented apartment or home, separate from teams/interns
  • Discipleship: meet regularly with coordinators and staff team, help mentor teams and interns
  • Relationship with staff/field team: involved extensively in field team and leadership/decisions
  • Responsibilities with group trips: high level of leadership with teams and interns


    • Debrief: extensive debrief on field with option for longer debrief at home
    • Follow-up: skype or in person follow up from Envision staff, continued communication with field, debrief materials
    • Future Investment: strongly consider long-term commitment to Envision site, possibly as staff