• Length: 1-4 months
  • Launch Time: May and June
  • Purpose: taste the culture and ministry, fulfill college requirements, spend the summer serving, gain exposure to missions.


  • Age/Life Stage: 18 +, college student or post-grad; or career with free summer 
  • Education: high school +
  • Walk with Christ: growing relationship, able to serve
  • Prior cross-cultural experience: some preferred but none necessary
  • Other prerequisites: team service experience preferred 
  • Marital Status:  Preferably unmarried, (if married, must be for at least 1 year and internship must be done with spouse)



  • Preparation: Colorado weekend training (March), online training, manual, site specific preparation 
  • Length of typical preparation time: 3-6 months (from application to departure)
  • Fundraising: ALL funds must be raised 1 month before departure
  • Budget: pre-set monthly amount per site, plus airfare and other outgoing expenses 


  • Typical role: observe, learn, be mentored, get involved in daily ministry
  • Cultural Immersion: make local friends, explore history/traditions/religion
  • Language learning: 1-2 hours class/study per week
  • Intern Team: individuals join together into a summer intern team of around 4-8 typically
  • Housing: with interns and teams
  • Discipleship: meet regularly with site coordinators, in depth mentoring
  • Relationship with staff/field team: fully accountable to authority of Site staff
  • Responsibilities with group trips: varies; interns help with teams but have minimal leadership over teams 


  • Debrief: 1 day on-field intern team debrief with coordinators
  • Follow-up: materials sent for further debrief
  • Future Investment: stay connected to site, mobilize others, lead a team, intern longer