Tou Lee & Tang Tou have been serving as the Site Coordinators in Bangkok since 2011. Since moving, God has been showing us what He is doing in Bangkok and inviting us to be a part of it!
Tou Lee enjoys living life with people and listening to stories, especially with those who do not know Jesus. He loves developing leaders and mobilizing Christians to be intentional about moving closer to Jesus. Tang loves developing people, baking with others, and hosting people into their house for meals and games.
Tou Lee and Tang have two children, Abraham & Selah.


University Student Outreach
Red Light District Outreach
Relational Evangelism
English Tutoring


We are intentional about doing whatever it takes to move women and children in the Red Light districts of Bangkok closer to Jesus. We informally partner with red light district ministries in Bangkok (raising awareness, joining in their outreaches, encouraging their staff, prayer walks, etc.)

We are intentional about doing whatever it takes to move University students and young adults closer to Jesus. We are currently outreaching to the top university in Thailand. We have a small group of Christians gathering together for Sunday Worship. We arrange English activities, game nights, baking, playing sports, coffee gatherings, and everything and anything to build relationships with young people. Thai students love to watch movies, go shopping and stay inside so they don't have to deal with the heat. 

We are intentional about doing whatever it takes to move American young people closer to the Kingdom. We host teams and short-term teams with a special focus on spiritual formation. One of our long-term goals is to also mobilize Thai people for missions.

Trip Cost: $995/person for a 10-day trip

Intern Cost: $1550 per month

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