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The Christian & Missionary Alliance Statement & Policies *
The C&MA is an evangelical denomination committed to planting churches both in the United States and internationally. The C&MA is committed to world missions, stressing the fullness of Christ in personal experience, building the Church, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. The ultimate goal of all programs, functions, and activities undertaken by the C&MA is to further the foregoing purposes and to give spiritual and organizational support to all general members of the C&MA, so that they are free to preach the gospel, to plant churches, and to hasten the return of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because of its primary and exclusive Christian and religious purposes, the C&MA shall only accept interns who: 1. Profess a personal belief in Jesus Christ as personal Savior; and 2. Are active participants in a local evangelical Christian church; and 3. Accept and live in accordance with the following C&MA Statements/Policies: a.. Statement of Faith ( b. Alcohol And Marijuana Use-National Office Policy ( c. Statement on Human Sexuality ( I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the above mentioned statements/policies and refrain from behavior that detracts from the Christian testimony of the C&MA, or that is not in conformity with biblical standards as determined by the C&MA. *
Mission & Objectives *
The mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance is to know Jesus Christ; exalt Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King; and complete His Great Commission. The mission shall be achieved through the accomplishment of the following objectives: 1. To proclaim the truth of God’s Word by emphasizing the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and the imminent return of the Lord Jesus. 2. To evangelize and disciple persons throughout the United States and around the world, incorporate them into Christ-centered, community-focused congregations, and mobilize them in a missionary effort designed to plant Great Commission churches among both unreached and responsive peoples worldwide. 3. To work collaboratively with other churches and organizations that share the mission and vision of The Christian and Missionary Alliance to extend Christ’s Kingdom. Do you accept and agree to abide by this mission and objectives? *
Conduct & Practice Requirements *
As part of their duties, interns shall: 1. Participate in chapel or other Christian services held or sponsored by the C&MA during the work day; 2. Refrain from behavior during working and nonworking hours that detracts from the Christian testimony of the C&MA or that is not in conformity with biblical standards as determined by the C&MA; and 3. Be spiritually ready and willing to fulfill such other ministry functions and requirements as requested by the C&MA. Will you comply with the conduct and practice requirements of this statement? *
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