About the site:

The Deaf community in the US and around the world is frequently overlooked, marginalized, and unengaged. Only 2% of the Deaf community population worldwide know Jesus.

Our vision is Gospel access for and from the Deaf world. This vision is two-fold. We will help create Gospel access in Deaf communities around the world, and mobilize Deaf people into global Gospel ministries.

To Accomplish the former, we will start by focusing on the latter. We’re creating opportunities within out Envision sites that makes short-term trips and internships accessible to Deaf groups and individuals. If you’re interested in taking a trip contact us.

This is a new ministry paradigm for Envision. It is our first “non-geographic” site. That means that our ministry’s focus is people oriented instead of being location based. There are many different preconceptions and views of deafness. Unfortunately, many tend to see deafness only from a medical perception of diagnosed hearing loss. The Deaf community however is much more than that. It is a cultural-linguistic group, with their own unique beliefs, values, customs, traditions, and language. God is at work in the Deaf world, and we’re excited to join him.


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