Aleah and David Nishizaki lead Envision Deaf Ministries, and have been married since July 2010. They were both born and raised in the beautiful state of California. They’ve worked with Envision since January 2012. They helped start our site in the Dominican Republic, they were the site coordinators in Mexico, and most recently they moved to Washington DC to lead our Deaf Ministries initiative. Aleah loves knitting and baking. David loves sports and video games. They both love their dog Bella, affectionately known as La Gorda. 


Deaf Ministries is a new ministry paradigm for Envision. It is our first “non-geographical” site because the ministry's focus is people group oriented instead of being location based. The Deaf and hard of hearing community in the US and around the world is frequently overlooked, marginalized, and unengaged. Our vision is to advocate for the Deaf and help create opportunities that empower the Deaf community into positive global service and impact. 


Trip Cost: $1$$$/person for a 10-day trip

Intern Cost: $$$$ per month

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