We are the only site outside the US with a national leader! Our site director is Tony Escalante. Tony has been working with Envision El Salvador for several years. He started as a volunteer translator in 2011, then as a staff member coordinating transportation, then as co-leader, and now as site leader. He married his beautiful wife Claudia in 2013 and loves worshiping God through music. Tony is funny, wise, and passionate about serving God. Tony is also developing his skills as a coffee-lover because of our amazing Envision Coffee.


Youth Ministry
Relational Evangelism
Poverty Relief & Development


El Salvador is a small Spanish-speaking country located on the Pacific side of Central America. About 1/3rd of the population lives in the vibrant capital city, San Salvador. The country has a hard history of civil war, trafficking, religious nominalism, and gang violence. However, we are excited to witness and be a part of the new things God is doing here.

The main program is La Fuente, an after school program that seeks to reach out to middle schoolers at risk of violence at a public school in San Salvador. We plug interns in to hands-on ministry, administrative tasks, and discipleship. We partner with local churches for VBS, Church Partnership Evangelism, and more. Check out Envision Wired on Facebook!  

Trip Cost: $700/person for a 7-day trip

Intern Cost: $1250 per month

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