Tony & Raeni Roos are the France Site Coordinators. Tony served the local church 13 years as a full time youth pastor. In the fall of 2010 God called him and his family to move the Paris, France to start and lead the Envision France site. Tony enjoys coaching American football, tinkering with things that probably shouldn’t be tinkered with and spending time with his wife and kids. Raeni is a great mom to two great girls (Fayth and Hannah), handles all the administrative details for Envision France and makes a sweet pan of enchiladas. With a Masters in family counseling, she has been able to offer biblical mentoring to teams and interns. Raeni loves her morning walks, time with friends and coffee with her husband.


Brandon & Melanie Hilstad are the France Site Associates. Along with their four kids, they love serving as Envision France full-time staff. Brandon loves being a dad, reading the Bible, theological discussions, and coffee. Melanie loves taking care of their family, cooking and baking, and teaching. Brandon and Melanie grew up in Washington state. After six years in the Navy, Brandon earned his B.S. in Christian Ministry from Crown College. Melanie earned her B.A. of Ed. from Central Washington University. 


Envision France serves primarily in Paris, where many people come from around the world to live, work, and study; yet less than 1% of the population has a relationship with Jesus Christ. In a city where many feel lost and disconnected, Envision France focuses on building relationships amongst those who are searching for community. We partner with established churches, an outreach center, and new creative initiatives, with the hope to see a vibrant church for every community, heart, and nation.


Conversational English Groups
Music & Art
Church Partnership
Ministry Event Planning
Relational Outreach TESOL Opportunities IT/Web Development

Trip Cost: $1280/person for a 10-day trip

Intern Cost: $1850 per month

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