Stephen and Lori both grew up as missionary kids - Stephen in Mali and Lori in Ethiopia and Liberia.   They met while attending boarding school in Ivory Coast and started dating while in high school. They married during college and planted/pastored a church for 4 years in Nebraska.   They arrived in Guinea in 1995 and served as church planters for 12 years.   They then switched gears and Stephen served as the Administrative Director of Hope Medical Center for 6 years.   Lori enjoyed hosting teams and helping out wherever there was a need.

They joined Envision in 2014 and opened up the Guinea Envision site.   They have 3 children:  Kaitlyn (and Jordan) Stull, Matthew, and Hannah.  


Conakry is located on a peninsula in Guinea, West Africa.  Packed with 2 million people, most  live in extreme poverty.   Such poverty, along with disease and the influence of traditional religions, provides many challenges for Alliance workers. Team members are sharing the hope of Jesus through practical acts of kindness, including youth ministries, English camps/courses, seminars for business professionals, radio programs on health and community development, and spiritual mentoring.

Come learn from Jesus how to shine God's love and light while building relationships in a cross cultural context. 

*We ask that no one with peanut allergies apply to serve in Guinea.


English Teaching
Urban Ministry
Sports Outreach

Trip Cost: $600/person for a 10-day trip

Intern Cost: $1000 per month

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