Please carefully read the following Internship Agreement and acknowledge your agreement with your signature.

Envision seeks to create a safe, healthy environment for all interns. We expect interns to follow all guidelines and respect the leadership of Envision National Office staff and Envision site staff. What interns do as a part of Envision is important and involves ministry in different geographical and cultural locations. For this reason, it is necessary that we make sure all the appropriate legal and logistic requirements are clearly communicated. Interns are a key part of carrying out the mission of The Alliance and we value the role they play in being carriers of the gospel. We expect each intern to abide by all applicable rules, laws, or statutes in the country where their internship is taking place.
I understand… I am required to make a $150 non-refundable deposit to Envision of the C&MA to confirm my commitment to the internship. I am expected to cover the full cost of my internship For an internship 4 months or less: I need to have 100% of funds raised 30 days before my internship begins. For an internship 5 months or more: I need to have the first 2 months of my total funds raised 30 days before I begin my internship, as well as, 100% of the rest of my funds pledged as a recurring donation for the following months. If I am not fully funded 30 days before my internship begins, I may put a request for an extension with the Internship Coordinator. If the request is not approved, Envision may postpone my internship until I am fully funded. If I purchase my airfare ticket before being fully funded, Envision is not liable for any additional expenses if my internship is postponed due to underfunding. All donations given to Envision towards my intern support account are not legally allowed to be returned to my supporters and/or myself; these funds will be allocated at the discretion of Envision leadership towards an Envision ministry fund in the case that I: -voluntarily discontinue my internship before or during my internship -am dismissed from my internship -raise extra funds If I voluntarily choose not to go on my internship, any funds raised will be used, at the discretion of Envision leadership, to support Envision ministries, interns, and/or sites. If I raise more than needed and have a leftover amount (after airfare and travel reimbursements), I may request to use those funds to support another intern, an Envision ministry, and/or keep my account open if I decide to participate with Envision again. If there is an extenuating situation at an Envision site before I begin my internship (i.e. social unrest, safety concerns, health concerns, etc.), my internship may be postponed, and Envision is not liable for any expenses incurred by travel arrangements. If there is an extenuating situation at an Envision site during my internship, causing my internship to end early, any funds remaining in my support account may be used to offset any travel costs. If I am dismissed from my internship, funds remaining in my support account will be used to offset any travel arrangements to return me back home, at the discretion of the Envision Site staff or Envision leadership. If I am approved to extend my internship, I am liable for any additional support to be raised and ground costs incurred. It is my responsibility to inform my financial supporters when my internship concludes and to cease their giving towards my internship. Envision is not responsible if recurring and/or one-time donations are processed after my conclude date and any funds remaining in my account will be allocated at the discretion of Envision leadership towards an Envision ministry fund.
Envision is intentional about developing future missional leaders and it is our sites primary intention to focus on mentoring and discipling Envision interns. In this process, Envision requires all new interns to attend our Intern Training Weekend; previous interns who have not participated in a past training weekend will need to attend. Envision leadership and Envision site coordinators on the field have the right to dismiss an intern from their internship, if one or more of the situations below occur (see finance implications above)… Refusal to participate, engage, and/or reconcile after conflict with other interns/site coordinator(s)/ site staff/ or ministry partners. Involved in any inappropriate relationship; including, but not limited to a romantic or sexual relationship with a local individual, intern, or staff. Use and/or involvement in any illegal activity, drug use and/or excessive alcohol use Unwillingness to submit to the site and/or field leadership in all matters pertaining to ministry, decisions, conduct and behavior Site leadership, Envision leaders, and/or field leadership have the right to dismiss any intern in order to preserve the health, safety, and/ or partnerships of the field, team, or host country.
Envision requires that all interns have or obtain a U.S. based medical insurance. Travel insurance is automatically purchased for all interns serving at our international sites, and will be included in the total ground cost of their internship. For internships 180 days or less, a fee of $53 will be added to the total cost for travel insurance. For internships ranging from 181 to 365 days, a fee of $455 will be added to the total cost for travel insurance. I understand… If I am on the field and extend my internship past 180 days, Envision will be required to purchase the extended travel insurance, and an additional $455 will be added on to my internship total cost. If I obtain medical care during my internship, I am responsible for any additional medical costs that is not covered by the travel insurance purchased by Envision or my own personal medical insurance. I am responsible to obtain vaccinations and immunizations needed for my internship at my own expense. I am responsible to disclose any medical conditions (illnesses, injuries, etc.) to Envision by completing the Health History Questionaire and notifying Envision if I sustain any health issues (illnesses, injuries, etc.) before my internship. Failure to disclose accurate health information may result in dismal from my internship.
Travel Emergencies
Envision prioritizes the safety and wellness of all short-term teams, mid-term workers, and long-term staff. At both international and domestic sites, Envision seeks to make the best possible decisions to protect the workers serving with their ministries, whether through proactive policies that set up short-term teams or interns for success, or situational policies in place for emergency situations. In the case of an emergency, Envision and the C&MA will follow the Emergency procedures put in place by Envisions site staff and International Ministries (IM) of the C&MA. By partnering with Envision on your internship, you are agreeing to follow these procedures in the event that an Emergency takes place during your time with Envision. All decisions will be made under the authority of Envision leadership and IM leadership.
Medical Emergencies
If there is a medical emergency, the site leadership will seek immediate medical attention for the intern. Travel insurance is provided by the Envision Office in addition to the intern’s personal health insurance (required). In the event of a serious medical situation, the intern’s emergency contact will be notified as soon as possible. If the situation persists, the intern may be sent home because of health concerns. Envision is not liable for any expenses incurred by travel arrangements.
As an intern, I agree to defend, indemnify and hold Envision, its staff, site coordinators, site associates, and/or other interns harmless from and against all losses, liability, demand, claim, damage, injury or loss profits or expense (including attorney’s fees) arising out of or relating to any act, omission, negligence, or willful misconduct during my internship.
If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be illegal, null and void or unenforceable for any reason, such determination shall not affect the remainder of this Agreement and such remainder shall remain in full force and effect.
As part of my development process, and as a legal adult 18 years or older, I understand that Envision will communicate solely with me, and not a third party entity (ie. parents, pastors, supporters, etc.). The only instance Envision would contact a third party on an intern’s behalf, is in an emergency situation (ie. social unrest, safety, medical, etc.). In the case of an Emergency situation, Envision will contact the Emergency contact as designated on the interns Medical Emergency Contact form. It is the interns sole responsibility to communicate any information pertaining to the internship to family, relatives, church, friends, supporters etc. Any request for information from a family/friend/relative/church etc. to Envision about an intern, intern status, intern account, and/or intern finances will be redirected back to the intern to provide such information. It is my responsibility to submit all documents pertaining to my internship 30 days after my acceptance as an Envision intern. These documents include, but not limited to; Criminal background check Internship Agreement Liability Release Medical Form Child Safety Video I understand if any or all forms are not submitted, my internship may be postponed.
Final Agreements
I understand that the information I have provided during the application process will be shared with all parties involved with my internship experience. I understand that Envision Leadership will have access to this information. In order to maintain my privacy, Envision Leadership and/or Envision Site staff is not authorized to share any information regarding my internship to any other outside party (ie: parents, pastors, or supporters). All requests for information will be directed towards myself. As part of my development, and as a legal adult of 18 years or older, I understand this is an at will internship and I choose to take responsibility for decisions I make regarding my internship. I also agree to adhere to the expectations and directives set forth above, in the intern agreement, and set forth in the Intern Training Manual. Any disregard of this agreement may result in the termination of my internship with Envision.
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