ENVISION Mali is just starting with Keith and Krista as site coordinators. Keith was born in Dakar, Senegal, but grew up in Guinea, West Africa, where both his parents and grand parents served as international workers with the C&MA. Krista is from upstate New York but knew God was calling her to serve overseas while attending camp after her freshman year of college. Keith and Krista enjoy teaching English at their center in Bamako, as well as helping out in the local churches and hosting visiting teams. 


Teaching English
Church Construction


Mali is twice as big as Texas with over 16 million people, surrounded by 7 other countries. With the Niger River flowing through the middle of the city, Bamako is the capital with about 3 million people. Plagued by yearly shortages of rainfall and the Sahara desert in the North, Mali is a very poor country based mostly on subsistence agriculture. In spite of conditions the Malian people tend to be quite happy, friendly, and generous.

Trip Cost: $600/person for a 10-day trip

Intern Cost: $1500 per month

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