getting registered

1. Log in

2. Click on View Itineraries

3. To the left of your trip, click on Not Complete

4. Pay the deposit for the number of spots needed for your team
(Min: 5 spots required)

5. After completing payment, follow instructions below for Adding Your Team. Your spots can remain anonymous until you're certain of who's filling them!

adding your team

1. Log in

2. Go to View Itineraries

3. Click on Manage Roster

4. Click on Itinerary Link:Copy It! and copy the URL that appears

5. Email this link out to your team, using the template email at the bottom of this page.

Please be sure to send to PARENT(S) if the participant is a minor
Please do NOT fill out participant information for your team



You will need to continue to manage your team and make payments as your trip approaches. You, as the trip leader, are responsible for our two payment deadlines: 1. The deposit ($100/person), made at the time of registration 2. The final balance, made 60 days out from your departure date At any time you can log into your account to make a payment by clicking View Itineraries, then Make A Payment.

If you choose to send a check, you can send it to:

Attn: Trips Coordinator
8595 Explorer Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

You can continue to track your team's completion of their forms by clicking View Itineraries, then Manage Roster.

Those who have completed their forms will appear in green.
Those who have uncompleted forms will appear in red.
Those who have not touched their registration yet will not appear, but you will notice anonymous spots under the Church name.

All forms are due 30 days out from your trip.




Hey team!

We're ready to get things rolling for our trip to ______!

Please follow these instructions to officially get registered, and complete your necessary online forms.

1. If this is your first time taking a trip with Envision, set up an account here first! (Log In)
2. If you are a parent of a child attending the trip, please first go to Edit My Profile, then Add a New Family, adding any family members who are participating in the trip, as well as yourself, as the legal entity who will be signing forms on their behalf!

1. Follow this link to sign up for the trip (insert link from above step here)
2. Select "Myself" if registering yourself / Parents with minors, please select "My Child"
3. The trip will show up automatically. Please check the checkbox to confirm your registration, clicking Continue.
4. You will automatically be prompted to complete a Health Form and Release of Liability. If you choose not to complete these at this time, you will need to log in to complete them at a later date.

If you have any trouble, please reach out to the Envision Trips Coordinator, at

Thank you!