An Envision Residency is designed to provide an opportunity for hands‑on ministry experience in a cross-cultural setting while preparing them for long-term service. This two-year program is cohort-based, intentionally aimed to develop ministry readiness, discipleship values, cross-cultural agility, leadership, and spiritual depth.


An Envision Residency is particularly designed for individuals or couples with a desire to serve long-term in ministry, whether Residents find themselves overseas or living missionally where they are. This experience is an opportunity to "test out" a lifestyle of ministry at one of our Envision sites, learning from and being coached by our site leadership. 

The Residency program launches two times a year. Cohorts meet together for pre-field training, and then progress through intentional content on a semester-based timeline at their site of service. Using a mixture of tools, resources and one-on-one coaching, Residents will be led through topics like cultural awareness, self-leadership and leading others, spiritual disciplines, identity, self-awareness and values in mission.