Hola de EspaƱa!  Larry and Krista Lain are excited to pioneer a new Envision/CAMA site in Malaga, Spain.  They have been working with CAMA Services, the Relief and Development Arm of the C&MA, since 2006.  First, they spent 2 years in Baton Rouge doing church planting, relief, and development after hurricane Katrina.  Then, in 2008, they moved to Mongolia where they focused on working with unreached Kazakhs in Hovd, Mongolia.  They enjoyed being in Mongolia: living in and out of a yurt and an adobe mud house with no running water, selective electricity, building coal/dung fires, and drinking salty milk tea with neighbors.  Their passion for fitness became a great way to build community with young men and women.  A couple years ago, their hearts began stirring to start coaching and coming alongside emerging leaders and new international workers.  Many meetings with mentors and leaders later, a strategic partnership with Envision and CAMA was born to start a site in Spain!

The Lains have 3 kids: Averiana, Eliakim, and Acacia.  Their kids are an integral part of intentionally bringing the kingdom wherever they go by building community through playing sports, art, dancing, swimming, climbing, etc.  Larry and Krista love living healthy, missional, victorious lives while engaging in community through sports, fitness...and anything coffee.


Malaga is a strategic location in southern Spain with close access to North Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The city is very diverse and draws people from all over the globe to enjoy the beautiful beaches, delicious seafood, and a laid back lifestyle.  Malaga is the birthplace of Antonio Banderas and Pablo Picasso and is one of the oldest cities in the world.  All the beauty and artistic flare doesn't hide the spiritual darkness and heaviness in the air.  With only 1% of the population as Evangelicals, there is a deep need for shining His light and proclaiming that we "have this hope as an anchor for our souls firm and secure" (Heb. 6:14).

The Lord is already bringing together many strategic partnerships in Malaga, Spain!  We've enjoyed learning language, prayer walking in the poorest neighborhood, praying for food distributions among North African refugees and immigrants, playing games at English night with local Spaniards, hearing about the vision to plant the first evangelical church in our neighborhood,  joining in Art events with a local art ministry, dreaming with a partner ministry about a potential coffee shop start up, proclaiming freedom and joining with social justice focused ministries.

Just recently, the C-house, which hopes to open a transitional house for women rescued from trafficking in the future, partnered with a local ministry to open a community center for women who are trapped in prostitution.  These women are in need of a safe place to learn life skills, receive counsel, hang out and be loved. 


Community Development
Urban Church Planting
Social Justice
English Night
Refugee/Immigrant Outreach
Prayer Walking

Trip Cost: $1,000/person for a 10-day trip

Intern Cost: $1,550 per month

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