Trek Year

Trek Year is an opportunity to experience hands on ministry while completing a year of college online. The 11-month program intentionally pairs a cross-cultural discipleship setting with academics to fuel development.

Take a year to serve at an Envision Site, explore a new city, and develop in your calling and identity— all while earning a full year of academic credits with Crown College.

Application Process

In order to begin the process, students interested in Trek Year must first apply and then be accepted through Envision. The application process does require three references (academic, pastoral and/or spiritual leader) to be submitted. Once the application and references are submitted, Envision will set up a time for an interview. Once the interview is completed, Envision will follow up with the student if they have been accepted to the Trek Year program.

Once accepted , Envision will connect the student with Crown College, in order to begin the academic portion of Trek Year. When the participants are accepted as a student through Crown College’s online program, they then will be fully approved and accepted as a Trek Year participant.


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