What does it cost?

Envision Trek Year combines ministry and academics, and students pay separately for these programs (tuition goes directly to

Crown College and on-site expenses go to Envision)

Crown College costs:

Tuition: $345 per credit. Students take a total of 30 credits worth of coursework.

$10,350 for yearly total of 30 credits

Technology Fee: $135 per semester ($270 for year)

Text Books: roughly $100 per course

Envision on-site cost :

The on-site cost includes lodging, food, on-site transportation, utilities, and ministry expenses.

It does not cover any personal expenses (e.g. souvenirs, entertainment, etc...).

*Students are able to raise support to cover the amount below.

Europe: Estimated cost of $20,350 for 11 months

Asia: Estimated cost of $15,950 for 11 months

United States: Estimated cost of $13,200 for 11 months

Other costs :

Airfare: $250 - $1500

Costs are comparable to four-year public in-state universities and significantly less than most private Christian universities.

Costs are subject to change.

What about airfare?

For our international locations, round trip airfare may vary between $750 - $1500.

For our domestic location, if transporting by plane, round trip airfare may vary between $250 - $500.

*Students are able to raise support to cover airfare.

do i get spending money ?

As for discretionary spending, a majority of the living expenses are covered in the on-site

expenses. Students will need to provide their own personal spending

money, for items such as, entertainment, extra travel, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

When are payments due?

Crown College expenses: Tuition is due prior to the start of each semester (mid-August and mid-January).

Envision Expenses: You will need to have the first 2 months of your total funds raised 30 days before you go

AS WELL AS 100% of the rest of your funds pledged for the following months.

What about fundraising?

Students are encouraged to raise support for the on-site cost and airfare. Envision will provide fundraising resources.

Students are required to have all their on-site costs covered 30 days before their launch date.

Support raising will be through the Christian and Missionary Alliance National Office.

ALL funds received from the C&MA National Office to your support account will be tax deductible and supporters

will get a receipt for their records. If students do receive any cash donations or cash any checks to their

personal bank account for the on-site, it will be their responsibility to report it as taxable income,

and donors WILL NOT be receiving a tax-deductible receipt. In order for donors to receive a tax-deductible

receipt, they must send checks directly to the C&MA National Office or make the donation through the C&MA give page.

Money that is raised through your support account from the C&MA give page is not refundable.

All gifts made to your support account is deemed a donation and is not a form of payment.

Do I get financial Aid?

Students attending Crown College may be eligible for some form of financial aid.

Crown provides a 25% reduction in tuition to Trek students, but no further institutional aid is available.

Students who fill out the FAFSA may be eligible for Federal Grants and Loans.

Please refer to Crown College Financial Aid for more information.